In Cambodia, This Company Has Created A Machine Which Makes Clouds

In Cambodia, This Company Has Created A Machine Which Makes Clouds

A Cambodian company has invented a machine which is able to create clouds…

Ah clouds... Who hasn’t lain on their backs looking for shapes in the clouds? Bear, bird, crocodile, table... All you need is a little imagination. Well, that was before! Now, a machine is able to give them any shape that we want. Read on to find out more.

Head in the clouds

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The Khmer Cloud Making Service company, specialising in events, has developed a kind of pumping machine, which creates small clouds of various shapes! These clouds are actually made from soap and helium. The machine offers different dreamlike shapes such as hearts, peace signs, stars or dolphins.

Any shape is possible

Some models can also be customised on demand, just create a mould for the model you want and you're done. And because this machine makes dreams come true, the company promises to donate 5% of its sales to disadvantaged children! It is currently offered for rent in Cambodia, but the director does not exclude the idea of ​​producing it for export elsewhere in the world... It's true that we would not say no to having some over here to decorate our beautiful skies!

Check out the video above to see more of these astonishing clouds... 

Rob Mitchell
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