Here's how you can save thousands of litres of water while washing the dishes

Washing each and every dish manually by hand not only takes up an enormous amount of time and energy, it also is a huge waste of water. Here’s what you can do to save the precious resource.

Do you hate washing dishes by yourself? Have you been itching to get a dishwater but don’t know if it's worth the investment? Here’s some good news that might help you make a decision.

A necessary chore?

Firstly, you should know that washing dishes by hand is no longer really necessary these days. In fact, it’s not even recommended.

Yes, you heard that right. The world’s largest consumer organisation, Consumer Reports, has called for the elimination of this chore from everyday life. They said:

Let the dishwasher do its job.

Jonah Schein of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Sense program explained that:

It's possible, but highly unlikely, to use less water and less energy in traditional dishwashing.

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Saving time and water

Dishwasher Mohammad Esmaili

This then immediately raises another important question—do I need to rinse the dishes before they go into the dishwasher? The answer is no.

Modern dishwashing machines get the job done pretty well on their own. Households save around 22,000 litres of water per year if plates and cups are not pre-rinsed.

Leaving your dishes to be cleaned by our mechanic friends also has another advantage—you can save a whole lot of time. Precisely up to 230 hours, according to the Energy Star program. That’s ten days a year that you could spend doing other things.

So here’s our tip. Invest in a dishwasher and do something good for yourself and the world!

This article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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