Best ways to avoid social burnout this summer

Summer is here and with the ease of lockdown we can finally go back to our social routines, but what happens when you get fatigued? Here are some tips to help.

Party animals might find themselves a little overwhelmed as everything reopens. Here’s how to ease in gently, keep conversation light and avoid the dreaded ‘hangxiety.'

Ease in gently

Take your time before jumping back into all the invitations you get. You don’t have to go clubbing every other weekend just because the nightclubs are open. You could prefer to sit at a lounge first.

The lockdown took a huge toll on all of us, so it’s quite understandable if you need some time in order to get used to the nightlife scene again. Go have fun but be mentally prepared to call it quits and go home when you deem it necessary. Slowly but surely you will get back to being the bubbly person you once were before the lockdown.

Get in the right mindset

Whenever you choose to go out, tell yourself ‘I’m going to have a great time tonight,’ go out with that mood and energy, you are most definitely going to enjoy yourself. You could call your friends up before you decide to leave so that you could all go together to the party venue.

That way, you are sure that you are in the right company and you can always meet new people if you so desire or you could just enjoy their presence through out the event. The better you feel about yourself before going out, the greater the potential of having a great time.

Focus on the moment

If you feel yourself getting anxious try not to worry about whatever may be making you feel that way and just focus on the moment. Enjoy the music, food, conversations and just bask in the moment. You will feel way much better even after you leave the event.

If you love the music, take the opportunity to dance with someone you like or you could dance alone if that’s what you prefer. Sip something nice and laugh heartily. Do not deny yourself the ability to feel alive, you deserve it anyway after a long lockdown period.

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