5 seriously dangerous exercises you need to avoid at all costs

In order to stay injury free and continue on your path to achieve your fitness goals, there are a few exercises which should absolutely be avoided!

Going to the gym and pursuing your fitness goals is great but you must always take care not to damage your body. These 5 exercises all risk doing way more harm than good so you should avoid them at all costs.

1. Chest Flyes: This exercise could cause some serious problems for your shoulders. At the end of a rep, your shoulders are carrying the majority of the weight. This leads to very sensitive and injury-prone joints. Instead of chest flyes, consider doing 3D Crossovers for a more effective and safe chest exercise.

2. Behind the Neck Press: What makes this exercise so dangerous is the fact that you’re forced to carry the weight in a position that is incredibly unfavourable for your body. The shoulders are not in a natural posture – you’d be better off using a traditional press allowing you to lift more weight.

3. Upright Rows: When lowering the bar, your hands and elbows are in the worst possible position to allow your muscles to naturally do their work. This puts unnecessary strain on these joints and can cause some serious damage.

4. Good Mornings: This exercise is different from the others on this list as it’s not the movement that is dangerous, but rather the posture that you adopt. A beginner may very well take a stance which compromises their back, leaving them susceptible to injuries like a slipped disc. Make sure to keep your chest extended. Proceed with caution.

5. Leg Extensions: This exercise is simply the worst on the list. Leg extensions put the quads in an unnatural position when performing, and your joints will see the consequences. Avoid at all costs.

Finally, remember that working out TOO much whatever exercises you're doing can be bad for your health so always keep it in moderation.

Check out the video above for more fitness tips!

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