5 signs that you need to reduce your coffee intake

Do you think you drink too much coffee? Here are 5 signs that confirm your addiction.

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Coffee is a small ritual that many people around the world have adopted. Coffee in the morning to wake up, a small one when arriving at work togive oneself courage, a cup to help digest after a meal, another one around 4 pm to fight against tiredness, and a last one at the restaurant before asking for the bill.Although it doesn’t seem like much, it starts to add up!

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But is it reasonable to drink a lot of coffee? Like everything else, only if it does not fall into excess. Although coffee has many virtues, it should not be abused. To get an idea, it is preferable not to exceed 3 to 4 cups a day, or 400mg of caffeine.

5 signs of high coffee consumption

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You have palpitations

While coffee can boost your energy for the day, too much coffee can make you a little nervous and make your heart flutter. It's best to cut back and replace some of the day's coffees with green tea or herbal tea.

You often have headaches

Again, a small cup of coffee can help relieve some migraine headachesby giving a boost to pain medication, but multiplying the number of cups will produce the opposite effect. Stay reasonable and try not to exceed 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day.

You go to the toilet a lot

Those who drink coffee know that it helps digestion and promotes the elimination of waste from the body. It helps to stimulate the secretion of acids in the stomach, which can cause you stomach pain, but when it is drunk in large quantities, its laxative effect is felt. If you are going to the toilet often during the day, ask yourself the question!

You have trouble sleeping

Everybody knows that coffee is very stimulating. If drunk in excess, it can have a strong impact on falling asleep, and on the quality of sleep. The best is to drink the last coffee of the day at the end of the afternoon, ideally at 4 pm!

You are often thirsty

Coffee drank in excess can have a dehydrating effect on the body. This is also why it is often served with a glass of water in cafés. If you are always thirsty during the day, you may need to cut down on your coffee intake.

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