This fight between an Asian hornet and a mouse is hard to watch

If you're not a fan of rodents and hornets, look away. In the United States, passersby witnessed a fight between a Vespa mandarinia (Asian hornet) and a mouse. It's quite a sight.

Hornet vs mouse
© New York Post
Hornet vs mouse

This video is a perfect illustration of David vs. Goliath in the animal kingdom.

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This fight between two small creatures is especially violent and hard to watch. On one side, we have a small mouse, and on the other, a hornet. The video is shocking, but also kind of sad. Viewer discretion is advised!

The fight

The fight took place in the United States and was initially reported in the New York Post. In it, you can see a mouse fighting to free itself from the hornet and its stinger. Unfortunately, it's its efforts were futile—the hornet actually killed the mouse!

Note that this is a particular type of hornet: the Asian giant hornet, also known as the Vespa mandarinia. The Asian giant hornet is the largest hornet in the world. Its size can reach up to 5.5 centimetres, its eyes are shaped like teardrops and its head is orange and yellow.

The Asian hornet: a great threat to our ecosystem

A whole new type of Asian hornet native to tropical forests in Southeast Asia has made its way to the West, and according to beekeepers and scientists, it's quite dangerous. It's believed the hornet was brought to France in 2004 in a shipment of goods imported from East Asia. It's cause for concern because the hornet is a predator of bees—it has already been seen devouring honey bees, an essential component of the good functioning of our ecosystem. The Asian hornet has already been recorded in the UK on at least three occasions. It's been eradicated by relevant authorities each time.

Watch the fight between the hornet and the mouse in the video above... if you dare!

This mouse doesn't stand a chance against this 'murder' hornet This mouse doesn't stand a chance against this 'murder' hornet