Animal attack: Dog viciously kills 10-year-old boy

A 10-year-old boy in Caerphilly died after being attacked by a neighbourhood dog on Monday.

Boy dies after dog attack
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Boy dies after dog attack

Following reports of a dog attack near Caerphilly, South Wales, a 10-year-old kid died. Gwent Police said they were called to an address in Pentwyn, Penyrheol, at 3:55 p.m. on Monday and confirmed the child died on the spot after being attacked by the dog.

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The Welsh Ambulance Service dispatched paramedics to the scene, where the boy was confirmed deceased. The dog was slaughtered by firearms officers. However, the police will remain in the area while an investigation is conducted.

According to one of the neighbours, the dog attack occurred inside one of the houses on the block. The neighbours are surprised and shocked at what has happened. On Monday night, a few police vehicles remained parked at the end of the street, which is in the centre of a vast housing complex.

Investigation Continues

Since the incident, there has been a police presence at the location. They have advised the public that there would be a more prominent presence in the area while they do their investigation, but that they should not be worried. Even the route was closed for a spell yesterday evening. In wake of this, Ch Supt Mark Hobrough said,

Officers will be making further inquiries at this time and will remain at the scene as the investigation progresses. It is possible that you may see ongoing police activity in Caerphilly as part of this work.
You may have also seen an increased presence earlier today while officers were attending the incident, but please do not be alarmed. If you have concerns or information then please do stop and talk with us.

Dog the menace

According to a neighbouring homeowner, the dog has been a nuisance on the estate for a while. He told the news agencies present at the scene how the dog had been lunging at his son while they had gone to visit the local shop once. The neighbour added,

I took our son down to the local shop a few days ago, and he was down there then and he was lunging at my son. My son is three years old and I had to pick up my son just to move around the dog because of the size on him.

Further, people have been sympathising with the family of the deceased boy. South Wales East MS Natasha Asghar said,

My heart goes out to this little boy and his family in Caerphilly who must be utterly devastated after what's happened today.
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