A Mako Shark Was Filmed in Mid-Attack by an Underwater Camera

Fishermen placed a camera underwater to film the fish they were trying to catch. But instead, they captured footage of a mako shark going on the attack.

© Youtube

The least we can say is that these two Americans caught a big fish! As they were going out to sea off Ocean City, a city on the east coast of the United States, two fishermen had an original idea: to see what was happening underwater and film the fish, especially tuna, being attracted by their bait.

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So they decided to install an underwater camera at the back of their boat and attached four attractive fish. But the device didn't film what they expected. While they were already moving in the open sea, they did not attract a tuna but a mako shark, obviously hungry and ready to attack.

On the video, we can see the shark emerge after a few seconds with its teeth out in order to catch one of the lures used by fishermen. But it did not stay there and repeated its attacks several times, apparently trying to catch all the fish. And the speed of the boat, which was moving at about 6-7 knots (about 7.5 mph), is not a problem for it.

One of the fastest fish in the world

Indeed, the mako shark is able to reach very high speeds. It is even considered to be one of the fastest fish in the world.It travels at an average speed of 30 mph and some say it can reach 70 mph at top speed and even jump out of the water at a height of more than 20 feet.

In terms of size, the shark is not to be outdone either, since it can reach up to 13 feet in length and weigh around 450 kilos. No wonder then that the video of the two fishermen is so spectacular.

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