A driver was violently attacked by a hippopotamus in South Africa

A motorist had quite the surprise while driving through a national park in South Africa. He was certainly not expecting to suddenly be attacked by a hippopotamus.

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Do hippos seem to be rather calm and nice animals to you? Think again! While they may seem a little sluggish and clumsy when you see them, they are in factformidable predators with a rather aggressive temperament. So much so that they are not afraid to take on animals known for their hunting skills such as lions and crocodiles.

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An impromptu and violent encounter

This impressive scene took place in the Kruger National Park, one of the largest nature reserves between South Africa and Mozambique. A man who was driving his large Ford 4X4 came across a baby hippopotamus... who then didn’t hesitate to attack the vehicle.

The man took the time to immortalise this surreal moment by filming it. In the video at the top of the article, you can see the animal charging the vehicle several times. And even though it is a ‘baby,’ it is already quite a large animal! We wouldn't like to run into the mummy.

Considerable damage

The scene is terrifying and the violence of each of the baby hippopotamus’ attacks is shocking. Seeing the consequences of this attack is enough to make you understand that it was a good idea to stay safe in the car.

Fortunately, no harm was done but the man was obviously shocked since the car was quite damaged. One thing is sure: he won't forget this meeting any time soon! He would certainly have preferred that the baby hippopotamus had posed for a photo with him rather than redoing the paint job on his car.

Watch the scene unfold in the video above!

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