The Amazing Fight Between A Leopard And A Python

Don't miss out on this amazing fight between a leopard and a python. The best part of the video is its unexpected ending.

A Leopard And A Python
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A Leopard And A Python

You don't want to miss this viral video of one hungry predator, a leopard, hunting down another, a python, for dinner. It might not sound like a fair fight, but the reptile, who hadn't lost hope of coming out of the fight alive, eventually caught the leopard off-guard and did something the big cat wasn't expecting.

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The python got into the leopard's snout for a few seconds. The leopard responded by dragging the python to kill it, but the latter put up a fight. In the video, you can see how, at one point, the leopard leaves the python alone for a few seconds to lick the wounds afflicted by its adversary, and the snake takes advantage of this to take the upper hand.

Many users who have seen this video were surprised by its unexpected ending. When the leopard attacked the snake, which is over 3 meters long, with the intent to turn it into its prey, it probably hadn't imagined this outcome either.

The person who filmed the viral video was a tourist who found the snake crawling along a path while the other predator was stalking it.

If you're still one of the few people who haven't seen the video, you have to see it now!

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