The Bulgarian Squat Will Make You Regret Your Workout Session

Are you looking for a finisher for your leg/buttock sessions? The Bulgarian split squat is the right exercise for you.

Not as well-known as the classic squat, the Bulgarian squat is the perfect exercise to end a lower body session. Very effective, this exercise will make you regret your workout session since it will force you to draw on your reserves.

A variation that makes the difference

For this finisher, Men's Health coach Ebenezer Samuel has added a slight variation, but it has a huge impact on the intensity of this exercise. To perform the Bulgarian split squat, you just need to add a platform to raise your supporting leg, and therefore lower yourself even lower than with a basic Bulgarian squat.

The idea here is to control the descent more intensely so that the thigh and knee remain perfectly straight and parallel. This exercise not only works the entire muscle group of the leg, it also considerably increases the flexibility of the lower body, but a significant point since weight training also stiffens the muscles.

The objective for this finisher is to perform 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions per leg. Let's get started!

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