Having This Very Intimate Discussion With Your Partner Will Make Your Relationship Stronger!

Do you feel uncomfortable around your partner when you need to use the toilet? Don't panic, this is perfectly normal. But know that overcoming the embarrassment of this very intimate situation can make your relationship even more solid. Read on to find out more.

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing your visits to the toilet or going to the toilet when you are with your partner? This is quite normal in a relationship, especially for women.

But remember, we are all human and we all have bowel movements. Know that you have to eventually overcome this barrier, which will make your relationship even stronger. According to an American study by Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams, half of the women are uncomfortable using the toilet.

Yet, this same survey states that couples who share this intimacy without any problems are more fulfilled than others.

As your relationship evolves, you may start to talk about this, but it's quite normal, all couples go through this big step. Remember that the secret of a working couple is communication.

But that's not all, talking about this will only lighten the atmosphere between the two of you. It also shows that you are feeling good, that you are fulfilled and that between you and your partner, there are no more secrets... Without revealing all the details. A beautiful proof of your love for each other!

You now know what you have to do!

Check out our video above for more details.

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