Viewers are left stumped after one girl's rope swing fall defies the laws of physics

One girl's unfortunate rope swing mishap has been confusing the internet after her fall completely defied gravity.

Viewers Baffled as One Girl's Rope Swing Fail Defies the Laws of Physics
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Instagram user Myka Shae uploaded a video showing her sister rope swinging with some friends when she accidentally made a fool of herself. The young lass looked to let go of the rope when she looked to hit something sticking out of the water...except nothing was there.

Defying physics

The woman was made a strange spin on her fall that defied physicsbut nobody can seem to find what was in her way leaving the internet super confused.

Commenters were quick to search for an answer as there must have been an explanation as to how Shae's sister made such a strange jerking motion. One user commented:

Are you a Jedi? I did see the force right there!

Solving the mystery

While that was obviously a jokeanother user thinks he's solved the dilemma:

Look at the bottom of the rope. There is a finer rope to retrieve the thicker cord. She was just stuck in the fine rope.

Even though the thin rope is hard to see many other users agreed. But, we prefer to believe that it really was the force.

Watch the video above to check out the odd fall!