Girl confronts the kidnapper who raised her for 18 years one last time

In a bizarre and tragic story, one woman who was kidnapped from hospital when she was just an infant and raised by her kidnapper has found her biological parents after 18 years. Cameras were present to capture the emotional moment where the young woman confronts the person she believed to be her mother one last time.

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Gloria Williams, who kidnapped a newborn at an American hospital over 20 years ago and raised the baby as her ownhas been sentenced to prison. After posing as medical staff, the woman was able to take the sleeping newborn out of the hospital. She was even confronted at one point by another member of staff but ended up getting away with the baby after shoving her into a bag and running out.

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Living a lie for 18 years

52-year-old Gloria Williams named her abducted daughter Alexis, and described her as a "joy" and a "doll baby" but battled daily with the guilt of her theft, saying she knew she would eventually "get caught" one day.

Following the kidnapping, a nationwide search was sparked but authorities were not able to track her down until August 2017, when an anonymous tipster called the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

A new life

After being reunited with her biological family, she took back her birth name of Kamiya Mobley. Despite the fact that she was kidnapped and kept away from her true family, it's clear in the video that Kamiya is greatly affected and still cares for the woman who abducted her decades ago.

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