This man's joke caused 4,000 breakups and 14 divorces

Daniel Sloss' joke didn't go down well... The Scot comedian show caused a media frenzy after 4,000 couples have reportedly broken up because of it.

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It’s pretty common for people to sit down on Saturday evenings to watch Netflix with their other half, but nobody ever thinks this could end in a break-up. Well, 30 year-old comedianDaniel Sloss proved it wrong. A joke that lasts just 20 minutes has destroyed over 4000 relationships and caused 17 divorces.

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The ill-fated joke

Released on 11th September, Sloss' programme 'Jigsaw' was much discussed; it deals broadly with the topic of human relationships. He explains that everyone has a soulmate somewhere, but that people are afraid to feel lonely and incomplete. So people always try to look for support by filling this empty space with an other half. As a consequence, many relationships are artificial, because people don’t want to wait around for the right partner. He explains:

We'll force this person into our lives because we'd much rather have something than nothing.

A harsher effect than expected

Whether such an analysis is truthful or not, it quickly drew viewers’ reactions. Having tackled such a sensitive issue, Daniel Sloss received several messages from viewers who thanked him for an eye-opening and claimed the episode has opened their eyes.

I just finished watching your show, and I was having doubts about whether or not I had made the right decision. However, the questions and situations you brought up confirmed that it's OK to say that I deserve better. Guess you can add another to your list. Watched Jigsaw and just wanted to say thank you.

After receiving a tonne of messages, the comedian said in the Daily Record that everything was a joke, and that he had never intended to separate couples.

You could say that Daniel Sloss hit home!

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