Brutal: She lost her balance on the cliff but He stepped aside to let her fall

During a photoshoot on a cliff one model lost her balance. But her co-worker let her fall when she reached out for help and he jumped out of the way.

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Youtube personality Jay Alvarrez and model Mary Shum were hanging out on acliff by the sea. Mary was getting ready tojump into the water but lost her balance and tried desperately to grab on to Jay's foot.

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However, Jay moves his foot out of reach, letting Mary slip off the edge of the cliff, plunging into the ocean.

Thankfully, Mary survived theheart-pounding falland Alexander ‘Sasha’ Tikhomirov, Mary's then-husband who shot the footage, said:

She didn’t break anything... but she did hurt her feet and ass and back. We went to the hospital later and she couldn’t walk for a few days. But finally everything was good.

He also defended Jay's actions - saying 'everything happened in one second' and that he probably made it better by removing his foot as the weight of both of them falling together would likely have caused them to be injured more seriously.

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