One woman almost died after injecting a fruit smoothie into her veins

The "5 fruits and vegetables a day" slogan should perhaps be accompanied by the words "but not intravenously"! Especially after a mishap that has nearly cost a Chinese woman in her 50s her life.

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Where does this dangerous trend ofinjecting astonishing substances without medical advice come from? After the case of a man who self-administered his own sperm to relieve back pain, here's a woman who did the same with a mixture of fruits... in an effort to stay in shape!

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An intravenous 20-fruit smoothie

Zen is 51 years old and lives in Hunan, a province in southern China. According to the South China Morning Post, she swears by home remedies and "unconventional ways to stay in shape".

To enjoy the benefits of fruits, she had the idea to concoct a smoothie with no less than 20 fruits. She mixed them and filtered them. So far, nothing surprising. But instead of drinking the juice, and without warning anyone she knew, the 51-year-old decided to inject it into one of her veins!

Very quickly, Zen developed a fever and her skin started to itch. Alarmed by the symptoms, her husband took her to the local hospital. But upon reviewing her case, doctors decided to send her to Xiangnan University Hospital, a larger institution, where she was admitted to intensive care.

In critical condition

Liu Jianxiu, the doctor who took care of her, told the local newspaper, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, that Zen suffered from a severe infection, with liver, kidney and heart damage and was at risk of dying from multiple organ failure and sepsis.

To save the 51-year-old, the medical team decided to put her on dialysis, treated her with antibiotics and prescribed anticoagulants. After 5 days in intensive care, the patient was able to return home and begin recovery. But not without first receiving a lecture from Dr. Liu Jianxia, who informed her of the dangers of self-medication and self-injection of substances without medical advice. Zen told the South China Morning Post.

I thought the fruits were rich in nutrients and injecting them into my body would not hurt me. I could never have imagined that it would cause so many problems.

The story does not tell us if she has since gotten rid of her blender.

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