This man ordered a burger with 1000 cheese slices - the way he eats it is really something

Not for the first time, one Japanese man is stretching fast food to its limits.

This Man Ordered A Burger With 1000 Cheese Slices - The Way He Eats It Is Really Something
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Mr Sato is a Japanese man who seems to have eyes bigger than his belly and a certain taste for unusual food challenges. After previously ordering a burger with 1,050 rashers of bacon, this time Mr Sato is going for the cheesiest burger ever.

He went to his local Burger King to ask if he could have a Whopper with a lot of cheese - and we mean a LOT.

Tearing into helmet-sized chunks of cheese, Mr Sato managed to finish about 350 slices before he conceded, explaining:

It tastes good, but if I eat any more I won’t have room for dinner.

Three days later, Mr Sato returned to the fast-food restaurant to pick up his one-of-a-kind burger.

Mr Sato's Whopper weighed 12.7 kg and contained a truly whopping 45,661 calories. Why? Because it has 1000 cheese slices! Mr Sato eventually ate 350 slices before giving up. He explains that it was good but that he was afraid of spoiling his tea. Very sensible for a man who orders such excessive burgers!