Man finds slug in meal at Nando's restaurant

A man by the name of Adeel Suliman was horrified after finding what he described to be a slug hidden in his meal at a Nando's location in Yorkshire.

Man finds slug in meal at Nando's restaurant
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Man finds slug in meal at Nando's restaurant

As he was enjoying the famed Peri Peri chicken dish, Suliman claims to have found a slug in the mountain of rice he was served to accompany his meal.

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Suspected food poisoning

Now, the Nando's restaurant located in Centenary Square in Bradford city has launched a formal investigation to find out how exactly the slimy animal got inside the man's meal. Suliman explained that he visited the fast food chain with his children before making the grim discovery that left him feeling sick and forced him to visit Bradford Royal Infirmary for suspected food poisoning.

After hours spent seeking medical attention, the man has since vowed never to visit any of Nando's locations prompting corporate staff to launch a thorough investigation. A spokesperson for Nando’s said:

We have sincerely apologised to Mr Suliman for what happened, and regret any distress this event caused. We’ve reached out to Mr Suliman so that our health and safety team can conduct a comprehensive review of the processes within the restaurant and at our suppliers.

Before adding:

We are confident that this was an isolated incident, and will do everything we can to make sure it does not happen again.

How harmful are slugs to humans?

Though the tiny shell-less terrestrial mollusc might appear innocuous, if ingested, consequences are deemed to be potentially life-threatening. The parasites present in the slug's slimy mucus could travel to the brain and even the spinal cord and cause severe tissue damage.

Similar effects can occur by simply consuming fruits or vegetables that contain traces of the slugs residue that it leaves behind while traveling.

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