This influencer's new tattoo got lost in translation

This is why you should never trust Google Translate.

This story is about a young Turkish influencer, named Naz Mila. With over 900,000 followers on Instagram, the young woman has a large community that watches her every move. Naz Mila regularly posts photos of herself in all possible everyday situations, to the delight of her fans.

Although she is already known on social networks, a misadventure at a tattoo parlour made her even more famous, and this well beyond her regular followers.

Google Translate is not always your friend

Initially, the young woman wanted to have the following sentencetattooed on her body:

Only God can judge my mistakes and truths

However, the young woman wanted to have the sentence tattooed on her body in English, a language that she does not master. So she used Google Translate, and trusted the translation that showed up on her phone.

This was a serious mistake, since a bad translation is irreparable. Naz Mila now has a completely different sentenceengraved on her body:

I can judge a single God with my wrongs and wrongs

Her followers were ruthless

Her followers obviously did not fail to notice this big mistake. Several of them even made fun of the young woman in the post’s comments, going so far as to push the influencer to close the comment section on her photo.

But with several tens of thousands of likes on the photo, Naz has certainly achieved her primary goal: to be noticed on social media.

Watch the video above to see her tattoo.

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