Mum needs help wiping away invisible ink from son’s forehead

She has spent days fruitlessly scrubbing the little boy’s forehead with baby oil to get rid of the ink.

A desperate mum has turned to social media for help in removing invisible ink off her son’s forehead. Days spent scrubbing the youngster’s forehead with baby oil, have proved futile.

It Won’t Budge

Claire Sheard, 40, from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, said five-year-old Louie discovered the ink which was part of his older brother’s invisible ink set that he got for Christmas.

While the family was playing a board game, Louie, unbeknownst to them, scrawled his name across his forehead with the pen. She recalled:

He came in proud as punch to show us. His head looked robotic. We were all in hysterics. We couldn’t see anything and I asked him what he’d written with as there was nothing there, so he went back into the lounge, retrieved the offending pen and brought it back to us.

It was then they realized what he had done. Claire took him to the bathroom to try and wipe off the marking, but soon discovered nothing was working. She said:

We tried wet wipes and baby oil to remove it but to be honest I wasn’t too worried as hoped it would fade after a few days. At least you can’t see it to the naked eye. It was like seeing something from a superhero film. Louie thinks he’s a pretty cool dude and very proud of himself.


Days later, Claire turned to Facebook to ask if anyone had any idea how to get rid of the ink which is only visible in fluorescent light.

The post received a thousand likes, with many offering advice, while others couldn’t get past the humour in the situation. One user suggested:

Micellar water or any makeup remover, don’t use harsh and dangerous products on child’s face as he might get a really bad allergic reaction. Good luck.

A fellow mum, who had gone through the same thing with her child had this to say:

Baby oil and warm baths with soapy water. It comes off in the end. My husband did this to my son when he was two. I did not find it amusing. Hope it comes off soon.
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