Two-year-old orders £316 couch on amazon using her mum's phone

Never leave your children alone with a cell phone: Isabella learned this lesson the hard way.

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When Isabella received a notification about her sofa being shipped, she thought it was a mistake.

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What do you mean my sofa was shipped? I don't remember ordering a sofa! [...] I was so surprised. I even wondered if I hadn't bought a sofa in my sleep!

While she ended up laughing about it, it was still quite a scare. How could she have forgotten that she bought a sofa? It turns out there's a very simple explanation...

Her daughter was very tech-savvy...

The story is a foolish one. While the mum was checking prices for a sofa on Amazon, her knee-high daughter kept bothering her, asking for her cell phone to play with. After several requests, Isabella finally gave in, leaving her the precious smartphone for a few minutes.

Unintentionally Rayna reopened the Amazon app and used the '1-click purchase' button. Just the touch of a finger, and voilà: a sofa was purchased. Isabella's two-year-old daughter Rayna had placed an order on Amazon. A pearl gray sofa, at 430 dollars (around 316 pounds). She has good taste.

A few days later, while she was at work, Isabella received a text message announcing the delivery of her sofa. Unfortunately, it was far too late now to cancel the order. The next day, she found herself with a large cardboard box placed in her lawn.

Amazon decided to reimburse her... and to leave her the sofa

The mum tried to send everything back to Amazon, but the exorbitant costs of delivery and storage dissuaded her. It would cost her 160 pounds. She then tried to sell it on several other sites...

Until Amazon heard about the story. The e-commerce site then decided to reimburse her, also leaving her the sofa! 'Keep it or gift it to someone.' They added: 'your 1-click purchase option has been deactivated.'

And when Isabella told this funny anecdote on American television, what did her daughter do? She strikes again! Grabbing her mum's phone, Rayna opened… a real estate application.

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