Toddler spends £1,500 while ‘playing’ with mum’s phone

A 22-month-old boy bought every item in his mum’s online shopping basket multiple times without realizing what he was doing.

Toddler spends £1,500 while ‘playing’ with mum’s phone
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Toddler spends £1,500 while ‘playing’ with mum’s phone

A toddler went on an unintended shopping spree when he got hold of his mother’s phone. The mum managed to find the humour in an otherwise costly adventure and plans on keeping some of the items as mementos.

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Cute Mistake

22-year-old Ayaansh Kumar may have appeared to be innocently playing with his mum’s phone, watching the changing lights and shapes onscreen.

But unknown to him and his mother, Madhu, the toddler was racking up a substantial shopping bill by buying everything in his mother’s Walmart shopping basket.

According to the Mirror, he made purchases worth £1,483, a realization made by Madhu only when the amount disappeared from her account.

Thankfully, the mum was able to laugh off the incident, saying some of the items her son bought were actually useful. She told NBC New York:

He’s so little, he’s so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all this stuff. It is really hard to believe that he has done this, but that’s what happened. I need one or two [items], why would we need four?

Twice Shy

The tot placed orders for accent chairs, flower stands and other household items, showing a knack for home decor. Some items were so large, they could not go through the door. His parents plan to keep a few of the items as keepsakes, while returning others for a refund.

Despite laughing at the incident, Madhu says they intend making it difficult for little Ayaansh to access their phones.

Moving forward, we will put tough passcodes or face recognition so when he picks up the phone he finds it in locked condition.
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