22-year-old man passes away after chugging one and a half litres of Coca-Cola in minutes

When it comes to hydrating your body, water is the only way to go.

Man dies drinking coke
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Man dies drinking coke

While any kind of cool carbonated drink may seem ideal for the hot weather, it is quite unlikely that it will hydrate your body or quench your thirst. When you’re dehydrated, Coca-Cola should particularly be avoided in large quantities, as sugary drinks can stop your body from absorbing the water that it requires.

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Tragic incident

A 22-year-old man in China did not get the memo as he decided to drink a litre and a half of Coca-Cola to stay cool during a heatwave. What was astonishing was that he drank that entire volume in just ten minutes. Six hours later, he was taken to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing after he started getting severe stomach pains.

Chinese medics say that the speed at which he consumed the fizzy drink caused an immense build-up of gas in the body and as a result he experienced a hepatic ischemia—also known as ‘shock liver.’ This occurs when the blood or oxygen flow to the liver is so limited that it damages the organ.

Despite all the treatments done to release the gas, stabilise the liver and other organs, the young adult passed away.His tests revealed that he had experienced severe liver damage, along with an elevated heart rate and low blood pressure. The man was also not found to have any underlying health issues.

Drinks to avoid during heat wave

When living in a colder country, like the UK, heatwaves provide you with the perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy the sun. It may be tempting to also grab a refreshing drink but our favourite go-to's are either loaded with alcohol or sugar. If you are considering getting that dehydrating beverage anyway, make sure to drink one glass of water for every drink that you finish.

For those of whom you want something more hydrating but also flavourful, Frances Largeman-Roth suggests adding ingredients like mint, lemon or orange slices, and cucumbers to your water. She also recommended on Today:

Tea and coffee—iced or hot—count too!
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