Fire crews forced to intervene during operation to remove metal ring off patient's penis

A man in the UK found himself in the emergency room after having stuck a metal ring on his penis, prompting fire crews to intervene.

Men all over the world, take note; do not use a metal ring as a makeshift c**k ring—it will get stuck, it will hurt and a trip to the ER is almost 100% guaranteed!

Fire fighters to the rescue

A doctor at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary was forced to call in the Technical Rescue service of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to remove stainless steal metal ring off a man's penis. A West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said:

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews attended a hospital on Acre Street, Lindley, Huddersfield, yesterday [22 July] afternoon to assist a patient.

A very dangerous DIY sex toy

Fire crews had to use specialist cutting equipment to break the man free from the constricting predicament he found himself in. According to GP Dr Stuart Oliver, it is believed that the man got himself in the painful situation by attempting to increase sexual potency by using the metal ring as a sex enhancing toy:

I have no idea why this particular man would have done this but I can only assume that it was done to help maintain an erection. The problem is that the blood has gone into the penis and it needs to drain back and if it gets swollen up then that would prevent it from happening.

And added:

It will have been incredibly painful and you would need to remove the ring as quickly as possible as there is a possibility that gangrene could start developing. It is a strange thing to do with a metal ring, rubber is more stretchable.

Thankfully, the man was able to get the ring removed from his penis and was left relatively unscathed.

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