Doctor removes 4ft snake after it slithered down a woman's mouth as she slept

WARNING: Contains graphic images. Footage shows surgeons removing a snake from a woman's stomach. The critter got in while the woman was sleeping.

One Russian woman decided to take herself to the hospital after waking up and feeling rather unwell. Unknown to her at the time she had actually managed to swallow a snake in her sleep.

The snake slithered into the woman's mouth as she slept

The incident occurred when the woman fell asleep in her garden in Dagestan, Russia and while she was dozing off a 4ft snake managed to make its way into her mouth.

Medics had no idea what was causing the woman such pain but they decided to put her under general anaesthetic to see what they could find. They only discovered the snake as they could see it moving around inside her. That's right, it was still moving.

Horrific footage shows a doctor removing the snakeafter inserting a tube down her throat. He can be heard in the background saying:

Let’s see what this is.

Another doctor helps pull the serpent from the woman's mouth and screams can be heard as the medics realise just how long the snake was. The snake was then dropped into a bucket but it is unsure whether or not the animal had died inside the woman or just how long the snake had been in there.

Surgeons remove huge snake from womam's stomach. Youtube

Don't sleep outside!

Locals in the area say that incidents such as this rarely happen and often the elderly warn others not to sleep outside due to the risk of snakes. Strangely enough, incidents of snakes crawling into peoples mouths isn't entirely unknown, with past with patients complaining of having 'something alive' inside them.

Neither the woman nor the snake has been identified but it's safe to say from now on we are definitely sleeping with our mouths closed.

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