One Of The Most Dangerous Snakes In The World... Found In A Shopping Bag

Initially called in to solve a dispute, a couple of police officers gt the surprise of a lifetime when they stumbled across a massive snake in a plastic bag. The best (worst?) part: it wasn't any ordinary garden snake.

Boa Constrictor
© Police @ Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins
Boa Constrictor

Police officers will definitely remember this call they got from Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins in the Loire-Atlantique department in France. When they were called out on the night of Tuesday 16th April to sort out a dispute between an ex-husband and wife, they got a hell of a surprise: in a shopping bag, they discovered a boa constrictor measuring a whopping 1.3 metres (4.2 feet) long! They definitely didn’t expect to find one of the most feared snakes in the world.

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Multiple shopping bags… and a boa

According to data from the French publication Bleu Loire-Océan, police officers were contacted by the woman when her ex-husband turned up at her home in an inebriated state. The officers questioned the man when they arrived. He had multiple shopping bags with him and inside one of them, they found a boa constrictor that was trying to escape!

It was taken off him by the police officers and the man was unable to explain why he had the animal because he was so drunk. He did, however, have priors including violent incidents, burglaries and DUIs.

A vet examined the snake and quickly declared that it was malnourished and in poor health. The boa constrictor was entrusted to the Natural History Museum in Nantes on Wednesday 17th April so it could be cared for properly in a suitable environment.

Check out the video above to discover why boa constrictors are considered one of the deadliest snakes out there!

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