Cheeky delivery driver caught red-handed as he eats customer's food before resealing the box

Every takeaway lover's nightmare indeed... Try not to think about this next time you dig into your favourite dish.

So, of course as a paying customer at any respective food establishment, the assumption is that the food is prepared and made for yourself and only yourself. And hey, we wouldn't blame you if you agreed. Although, this certainly wasn't the case when a sneaky delivery driver was caught on camera, as a nearby resident filmed him in full swing tucking into a - presumably very hungry - customer's food.

The perfect crime?

In the viral video taken in Madurai town, southern India, we can see the chunky fellar rocking up on his delivery scooter before he grabbing a couple of rice dishes and tucking right into them, one by one. He then neatly places them into a plastic bag and stashing the dishes back into the delivery compartment and it seems like the chap truly felt that he managed to get away with murder.

Caught red-handed

Little did he know that he was being filmed and that the video would, in fact, be seen by several thousands of people just within the first few days of making its way online. The clip sparked an angry debate regarding the service of food delivery companies throughout India. Of course, it didn't take long to reach Zomato, the company of the culprit himself, and he lost his job. To make matters even more of a nuisance, the company had to conduct an investigation.

If you're a little paranoid about where your takeaway has been before reaching your doorstep, we wouldn't recommend watching...

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