Woman Left Disgusted After Uber Eats Delivery Comes Dripping in Blood

One woman was left disgusted after her McDonald's order was delivered by her Uber Eats driver 'dripping in blood'.

Woman Left Disgusted After Uber Eats Delivery Comes Dripping in Blood
© Facebook/Megan Dwyer
Woman Left Disgusted After Uber Eats Delivery Comes Dripping in Blood

Getting food delivered to your door is one of the finer pleasures in life but Uber Eats drivers can be a risky gamble. You never know if they'll reach in and sneak some fries or if they'll bleed all over your order which is unfortunately what happened for Megan Dwyer.

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Megan claims she was waiting for her McDonald's delivery one night when she noticed the delivery driver jumping around almost like he must have slammed his hand in the car door:

The delivery driver was jumping around holding his finger, so I put two and two together and I was like 'has he just shut his finger in the car door?

The woman claims that the delivery man had blood 'all over his hands' but instead of wiping them off or asking for a towel, he went straight for the bag of McDonald's splattering blood all over the bag.

The 22-year-old claims that the man apologized to her about the situation and assured the concerned Megan that he had some tissues in his car to clean up his hands. All the while, Megan was left holding a bag dripping with the driver's blood.

The law student and her partner admittedly ate the Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal and a McChicken Sandwich Meal because the £18.13 meals were still double bagged, but they were completely shocked that the driver handed her the bag instead of letting her grab it herself. She stated:

He didn't put a tissue around it before picking the bag up, so as he was walking down the path his finger was literally dripping and it was all over the path and all over the bag. He could have cleaned his hands or offered for me to walk to the car to fetch it to save him from bringing it to the house and getting stuff on it, but he just brought it to me.

Megan continued:

With the initial shock of it all, I thought I should at least take it off him because his hand is bleeding everywhere and he could sort it out, but then he just ran off and I was left with it.

Megan and her boyfriend brought the meal inside while her mother adorned gloves to extract the food from the bags. Megan said she also had to wash down her bloodied path after they had finished their meals.

Facebook/Megan Dwyer

The part-time barmaid also states that she had launched a complaint with Uber Eats following the incident on July 24th but was shocked that all she received was an apology. It was only when reporters approached the company on the 6th of August that they had offered Megan a refund.

Megan also believes that her Uber Eats complaint wasn't dealt with appropriately at the time. She added:

I'm not the type of person to ask for a refund over nothing, so to me that was a big deal. They got back to me straight away but it was hardly worth replying to me with what they said.

Megan continued to admit that she knows it was an accident but the event had definitely put her off ordering anything through Uber Eats:

It wasn't [the driver's] fault, it was an accident. But I felt like I deserved a refund or even a discount code off a next order, and that annoyed me. It's definitely put me off ordering from Uber Eats for a few weeks. I ordered food the other day and I got it from Deliveroo because I don't want to risk ordering from them.

Megan's mum took photos of the bloodied McDonald's bag before opening it and posted the images to Facebook where she received quite the response. One person commented:

That's absolutely disgusting. I'm an Uber Eats driver and there's no way I’m giving you that bag. I'm heading straight back to Maccas.

While almost all others agreed that it was 'absolutely disgusting' and they would have 'refused' the food.

An Uber Eats spokesperson reached out to comment on the event:

The safety of everybody who uses the Uber Eats app is a top priority, and we are currently investigating this incident. All couriers are sent key information about food safety when they onboard with Uber Eats, and are regularly sent information as well.
Vegan terror: McDonald's order error traumatises woman Vegan terror: McDonald's order error traumatises woman