A Man Took a Photo of His Deserted Office but Two Details Revealed That He Wasn’t Alone

Just when you think you’re all alone, it turns out you’re actually being watched. After this man took a photo of his office, he realised he wasn’t alone at all and that there were actually two pairs of eyes watching him. Can you spot them in the photo above?

Sometimes, photos reveal more when you are calmly flicking through them much later on than they dowhen you first took them. Sometimes, there can be embarrassing, maybe even dangerous, details hidden in the background!

This photo of an office quickly became a viral search puzzle

That’s exactly what happened to this man who believed he was alone while he was taking photographs of his perfectly tidy office.He was taking these photos for one of his customers, which is why everything had to look professional. But when he looked at the photos, later on, he realised that he wasn’t actually alone in the room at all. How creepy!

However, because it’s quite tricky to spot and you really need to look carefully, the man decided to upload the photo to the social media platform Reddit, in order to give other users the chance to have fun searching.

Since photo search images like this one are usually met with enthusiasm on the internet, this photo also quickly became a hit online. It really is quite difficult to spot the surprising details hidden in the photo. As it turns out, there are two pairs of eyes hiding somewhere in the photo.

Tension began to rise on Reddit when all of a sudden, one user wrote ‘I just love this little monster’. He had found it, but he didn’t realise that he had missed something else hiding in the photo. But don’t worry because these eyes don’t belong to an actual alien of course, but a rather cute animal instead.

Due to the simple background, which is all-white, tidy and brightly lit, you would think that these hidden eyes would be relatively easy to find. But give it a try, because it really isn’t that easy!

Check out the video above to see the solution.

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