You're going to love (or hate) this new Netflix Feature

The streaming platform is currently in the process of testing out a new feature that seems to have been strongly inspired by Tik Tok.

Netflix is trying something new! The streaming platform is currently testing out a new feature that is sure to get people talking. It is called ‘Fast Laughs’ and this technology seems to have been directly inspired… by TikTok, the popular social media network used mainly by Gen Z.

This new way of watching Netflix is vertical instead of horizontal and allows you to simply scroll through lots of funny (or not so funny) videos, lasting from fifteen to forty-five seconds, that have been taken from the platform's full catalogue of content.

As you can see in the video above, it is possible to share these videos, like them and easily addthem to yourwatchlist. By launching this new format, Netflix has a very strange goal: to introduce new programs to its users and binge-watchers who rewatch the same things over and over again. Needless to say, this could be very useful during lockdown.

Could this soon become a regular feature?

If you don’t already have this feature, which is obviously designed for smartphones, don’t worry, it’s normal. This new feature was tested a few months ago on a small number of users and in the days or weeks to come, should hopefully be deployed in the United Kingdom, United States and probably other countries in Europe as well. We can’t wait!

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This New Netflix Feature Is a Game-Changer! This New Netflix Feature Is a Game-Changer!