Netflix: The 25 Horror Films And TV Shows To Watch In Preparation For Halloween

The Thing, Marianne or Insidious? What is there to watch on Netflix over the dark month of October? This platform is full of films and TV shows that are sure to send a shiver down your spine… There are dozens and dozens in fact. Are you in the mood for a thriller, horror, psychological drama or a crazy comedy? Below is a by no means complete list of just 25 of the many gems that will have you hiding under the covers. Enjoy!

Netflix: The 25 Horror Films
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Netflix: The 25 Horror Films

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Costumes, wild make-up, pumpkins, ghost stories… It’s not long until the 31st of October, and you know what that means… Halloween!

This holiday is now very popular and well-established in the UK, so why resist it? Better to prepare yourself for the night of terror that awaits instead.

In anticipation, Netflix recently tweeted a selection of horror films and TV shows you can binge (or avoid if your stomach can’t handle it). We’ve modified the list a bit and added in a few of our favourites…

1922, The Human Centipede, Zombieland, The Addams Family, The Sixth Sense, there is something on the platform for everyone.

Suspense, zombies, gore, panic or terrifying comedies. And don’t forget to check out the genre on Netflix’s homepage either.

The only rule: get out of your comfort zone and experience those chills! So put the children to bed, grab a soft blanket, turn off the light and let’s go!

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