10 Secret Netflix Features That'll Massively Improve Your Next Binge-Watch

In recent years, streaming service Netflix has revolutionised the way we watch TV shows and films. Gone are the days of heading down to Blockbuster on a Friday after work to rent a movie, only to have to return it the following Monday. If unlike the rest of the world, you haven’t got a subscription yet, chances are you’ll be reaching for your wallet after discovering these hidden features.

Netflix Binge Watch
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Netflix Binge Watch

Despite its occasional bad press, Netflix is a platform that is being used more and more by film and TV series directors and producers. Already, Netflix subscribers can benefit from a range of award-winning titles such as The Office, Peaky Blinders, and Stranger Things to name but a few.

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With that being said, here are 10 ways you can benefit even more from your Netflix subscription:

1. Netflix secret codes: Believe it or not, there’s a way to access hidden categories of films and TV shows that aren’t accessible via the normal Netflix menus. Find out exactly how to access them here.

2. Make the most of downloads: Although Netflix is primarily a streaming service, you can also download individual series and episodes to your mobile device. Perfect for a long car journey or to keep you entertained on packed public transport.

3. Manage your own profile: We’ve all been there, trying to find a new series to get hooked on but constantly getting distracted by annoying recommendations for shows, caused by your other half’s viewing habits. Create your own profile and allow Netflix to suggest shows that only interest you.

4. International access: Each country around the world has its own selection of TV shows and movies, carefully selected to match the tastes of that country. With your monthly subscription, you have access to every country’s catalogue of shows and movies, so if you go abroad, you’re sorted!

5. Practice your language skills: If you’ve ever wanted to speak another language but you couldn’t stand those boring French lessons at school, Netflix is a great way to do it. With a lot of Netflix shows, you can adjust the settings to play foreign audio with English subtitles or vice versa.

6. Netflix roulette: Every Netflix user will tell you, deciding which series to start next is a tricky task. Whether your decisions are fiercely contested by your other half or you simply can’t find something you like, try Netflix roulette instead.

7. Get rid of your Ex: Nowadays, a lot of people choose to share their accounts with their other half or roommates. However, if you ever move to a different house or apartment, or you and your partner break up, you can stop them accessing your account with his neat trick. Simply go to the “My Account” section and choose “sign out of all devices. After, update your password and you’re good to go.

8. The audiobook function: If for whatever reason you can’t be bothered looking at the screen, whether you’re busy or you don’t want to have your phone on show, you can actually “listen” to the same shows. Many shows have an audio description function in which a narrator describes what’s going on in the programme.

9. Choose the right browser: What many people don’t realise is that Netflix can look better or worse depending on which browser you use. On Microsoft Edge, you can watch your favourite shows in ultra-high definition up to 4K quality. On Safari and Internet Explorer, you can watch videos up to 1080p quality and all others up to 720p.

10. Clear your history: And no, we don’t mean that kind of history. We all have those shows we’re a bit ashamed of liking. If you want to hide what you’ve been recently watching before you next invite your friends around, you can do so. Simply go to the Viewing Activity page, under your Account settings.

So there you go. Next time you feel like kicking back in front of a good series, use this list to improve your experience.

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