UK Coronavirus: What Are the Rules for England’s New Lockdown?

From Thursday the 5th of November the UK will once again be going back into lockdown until the 2nd of December. But will it be the same as last time?

UK Coronavirus: What Are the Rules for England’s New Lockdown?
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UK Coronavirus: What Are the Rules for England’s New Lockdown?

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced an upcoming four-week lockdown across England starting on Thursday the 5th of November going all the way until the 2nd of December. The lockdown has been scheduled to slow the spread of coronavirus which in recent weeks has been spiralling out of control despite Johnson’s tiered system.

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So what are the new rules and regulations during the lockdown?

Thelockdown system will temporarily replace the tiered system and as soon the lockdown is over the tiered rules will fall back into place.

However, somethings won’t be changing. Households will still no longer be able to mix indoors and in fact, won’t be able to mix at all unless inside an ‘exclusive’ support bubble.

An exception to this rule has been made for outdoor ‘recreation’ and exercise where people will be able to meet with one other person. As well as for arranged childcare for children under 13.

What businesses will be closed?

During thelockdown, all stores except essential stores and educational institutions (such as kindergartens, schools and universities) will be closed.

Entertainment venues including cinemas as well as pubs and restaurants will also once again be forced to close their doors for the month.

This lockdown there will be no special exemption for places of worship (except for funerals and individual prayer) as well as for team sports or organised recreational children’s activities.

However, organised elite sports such as football will still be able to continue behind closed doors.

Additionally, public services like job centres, courts and civil registration centres will still stay open to the public.

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Is travel allowed?

Most travel both internationally and domestically will be banned unless for good reason, such as those who need to travel for work, education, or legally permitted exemptions.

This means both international holidays and ‘staycations’ will be off the cards for many Brits.

Overnight stays away from primary residences will also be banned during the lockdown unless granted a specific exemption.

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Are we allowed to leave our homes?

Britons will be allowed to leave their homes under the following circumstances:

  • To go to and from work (working from home is encouraged)
  • To go to educational premises
  • For outdoor exercise
  • Any medical reasons or appointments
  • To escape injury or harm
  • To volunteer or care for the vulnerable
  • To visit your support bubble
  • To go grocery shopping
  • Children will be able to change between homes if parents have shared custody

However, those who leave home for reasons not listed above may be subject to face fixed penalty notices.

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