You can get paid $70,000 to ‘Netflix and chill’

Does this sound like your dream job: getting paid to binge-watch Netflix shows? Then check this out now!

You can get paid to ‘Netflix and Chill’
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You can get paid to ‘Netflix and Chill’

Many of us would love to get paid to sit and relax as we binge-watch Netflix programs. Well, it turns out that Lentstore is offering that opportunity to people!

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Apply by February 28

If you want to get paid $70,000 to watch a variety of TV shows and then rate them through survey questions, then you should definitely check out Lenstore’s current offer.

For Lenstore, the perfect candidate is ‘someone who enjoys spending lazy days switching between streaming services whilst watching the same shows on repeat—basically a glorified 'Netflix and chiller.’

If this sounds like you, then apply now as entry ends on February 28. You can send an email to explaining why you are the perfect candidate. You can also view the full application here.

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What will you watch

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If you are selected as a ‘glorified Netflix and chiller’ then you will likely watch shows such as Bridgerton and Ozark and plenty of other shows that are being released in 2022. Once you’ve watched the shows, you will rate them on their ‘bingeability’. This will be determined by the answers you give on the survey, including how attention-grabbing was it, and how inclined were you to press ‘next episode’.

This definitely sounds like a golden opportunity. Don’t forget, applications end on February 28!

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