Netflix Is Trialing A New £2.99 Per Month Price Plan

At the end of 2019, Netflix started trialling a new price plan in Malaysia, India and Indonesia that is half of what customers would normally pay, and it could soon be coming to the UK.

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Netflix's new subscription option comes with a catch, it is available exclusively as a mobile-only subscription. The subscription was trialled in Malaysia, India and Indonesia as many people in these countries own smartphones but don't necessarily own a television, a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly popular in western countries also.

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With the constant evolvement of technology and fast-paced lives, many people no longer opt to own televisions and instead, watch their favourite films and programmes on their laptops and phones. This mobile subscription would allow a cheaper option for those who watch Netflix on the way home in the metro.

In 2018 Netflix revealed that even with laptops and smartphones that 70% of viewing still happens on TV. The popularity of television viewing may put users off of a mobile plan, however, the low, low price point of £2.99 would be great as compensation.

If the trials are a success it could mean that the subscription plan is released worldwide and UK viewers could reap the benefits of a half-priced Netflix account- and who knows if you go in on it with a friend you could make it even cheaper!

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