There's An Adult Film Parody Of Money Heist

Have you ever fantasized about La Casa de Papel's sexy Tokyo or the explosive Nairobi? If so, we have great news for you. An adult film platform released a very hot version of the popular Spanish series.

Porn Parody Of Money Heist
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Porn Parody Of Money Heist

You've all seen 'La Casa de Papel', or at least heard of the wildly successful Spanish series that has become a worldwide phenomenon, right? But we bet a lot of you didn't know there was amuch hotter versionof it!

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If you're a big fan of the 'masked dalis' and are also into kink, you're in luck. The adult film director Fábio Silva just made one of your dreams come true. He dared to make a pornographic parody of the Spanish series.

His version is called 'La Casa de Raquel' and follows the same plot as the first episode of 'La Casa de Papel', except it isn't set in the Mint and neither Tokyo nor her crew are a part of it. It takes place in a much more interesting place... Raquel's house.

A gang of robbers bursts into the woman's house with plans to steal a valuable and mysterious USB key. We don't know anything about the information that's stored on it. What we do know, however, is that the situation gets heated. You can probably imagine the rest...

If you're into adult films, you're going to put this movie at the top of your queue. Why, you ask? Fabio, a Hard Brazil film director, received the 2016 award for best filmmaker at the prestigious Sexy Hot awards for his adult parody of Forrest Gump.

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