This Australian Millionaire Wants To Give You 'The Coolest Job In The World'

At 26 years old, a young businessman is looking for an assistant to help him in his daily life to the four corners of the world.

Does your boss constantly refuse your requests for a pay rise? Do you want to change your job? Then this offer could be the opportunity you’re waiting for.

On Wednesday 20th March, the Australian Millionaire Matthew Lepre published a tantalising offer on social media. To develop his flourishing online trading and coaching business, the 26-year-old is currently looking for an assistant to accompany him on his travels around the world. The aforementioned assistant will receive 52000 AUD per year, according to the Daily Mail, which amounts to around £28,000.

Millionaire looking for a 'funny and spontaneous' person

“I’m looking for someone to experience all my adventures with. I like what I do, and I like exploring new places. I’m looking for someone reliable to help me in my daily work activities, when we’re on the move” the young businessman explained on Instagram, in a post that you can see in the video at the top of this article.

Last year, Matthew travelled to Japan, Dubai, Hawaii, and Sydney, the city where he was born. In the same time frame, his business venture brought in 120,000 AUD each month. As for the job criteria, Matthew hopes that his future assistant will have a taste for work, but would also be someone who is “funny and spontaneous”.

Check out the video above for more details on what Matthew's offering!

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