They Witnessed a Pig Giving Birth but What They Saw Was Out of This World

This little piggy has become a real sensation on YouTube. Viral Press published a video on their account of a rather unusual piglet birth. You’re not going to want to miss this!

They Witnessed A Pig Giving Birth But What They Saw Was Out Of This World
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They Witnessed A Pig Giving Birth But What They Saw Was Out Of This World

Calian’s neighbours in Sultan Kudarat in the Philippines were left in complete shock when they witnessed the rather unusual scene of a pig giving birth. The mother pig had a litter of 8 little piglets, but one of its offspring looked like it had come straight from another planet.

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Despite its physical problems, this piglet still somehow managed to survive being born with the two heads that Mother Nature had decided to give it. This strange baby pig was born towards the end of 2018 and it’s extremely likely that it is actually a siamese pig.

She told Newsflare: 'I think that the piglet is lucky. This is so rare. It's amazing that she survived and that she is healthy. She has a lot of energy just like her brothers and sisters. I will take care of her and give her special treatment. Many people thought that she would not survive. But she is strong and has proved them wrong.'

Very few people believed the little two-headed piggy would be accepted among the rest of its litter, or even survive at all, but they were wrong. One of the first to accept and welcome it, in fact, was the mother, who proceeded to nourish her offspring with milk from day one.

That’s not to say however that this little piglet also needed human help so that it could feed correctly. Cases of siamese twins in animals, just like in humans, are very often recorded as stillborns, but this little piglet has managed to make it and beat the odds, at least for now.

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