This Is The World's Most Dangerous Hike

In China, an adventurer reveals a particularly dangerous mountain train.

This Is The World's Most Dangerous Hike
This Is The World's Most Dangerous Hike

Robin Esrock is a South African journalist and adventurer specializing in the extreme. Some of his fans sent him an impressive photo taken in the Shaanxi province in China, located in the middle of the country. The photo shows a mountain trail right next to a void. Wanting to know if this trail really existed or not, he travelled to Mount Huashan where it was supposed to be. And he wasn’t disappointed: the countryside was enough to take your breath away, but it really was quite dangerous.

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We can see that the trail you have to follow is particularly straight, hikers make their way along the path and cling on using chains that have been directly attached to the rocks. And if they slip, there is nothing there to catch them, only a particularly scary immense drop below… In other words, don’t go for a climb here if you’re scared of heights!

A trail fraught with perils

In some places, the trail is almost non-existent, and walkers literally have to cling to the chains if they don’t want to fall. What’s more, the path is covered in ice and snow in some places, making it particularly slippery. Only the most experienced hikers can venture onto this trail which is reserved for the most prepared athletes, just in case anything happens…

Check out the video above to see the perilous trail for yourself!

This Is The World's Most Dangerous Landing This Is The World's Most Dangerous Landing