This Is The Most Hidden Village In The World

Discover Abyaneh, one of the most hidden villages in the world. Let's go!

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This place is the perfect getaway is you're looking to take some time away from the rest of the world!

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A preserved place

An unusual village nestled in the Iranian mountains, Abyaneh is characterised by the colour of its houses, which allows it to blend in the scenery and, at the same time, hide from its enemies. The city is also typical thanks to its inhabitants, its climate and the image of life that it reflects.

A village with a story

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Abyaneh was built on Karkas Mountain (central Iran) to hide from enemy assaults. In addition, the inhabitants used to take refuge in the castle, which now lies in ruins.

A top pick among tourists

Abyanehis a typical representation of rural life in Iran and has become a popular destination for tourists. You can walk through its narrow streets that will transport you to another time and taste the local specialties prepared almost before your very eyes. Early birds and the brave can even climb to the top to admire the gorgeous sunrises that gently colour the mountains.

So if you like places that have been kept as they are and are yet still full of history, we advise you quickly get yourself over there to soak up all this atmosphere. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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