This Model Has The Same Body As Chun-Li From Street Fighter!

This model bears a striking resemblance to Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

Chun Li Street Fighter
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Chun Li Street Fighter

It's well known that many famous fighting game titles offer the chance to play as skimpily dressed female characters. Although the worst representative of the genre is undeniably the Dead or Alive series, especially Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball with its exaggerated boob physics, and nearly pornographic swimwear (closely followed by the games from the Soul Calibur series).

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The Street Fighter saga is not to be forgotten about. With a first instalment released in 1987, the series is today not only one of the most famous fighting games, but also one of the most famous video games in general. One of the female characters, Chun-Li, is a favourite among gamers.

A stereotypical representation

As usual with the games dating from the era, female characters were represented using every possible cliché, often dressed in outfits that are hardly conducive to hand-to-hand combat. If the body proportions of the famous Street Fighter character at first seem exaggerated, this fitness enthusiast proves that anything is possible, as the resemblance between them is so striking!

Chun-Li IRL?

It was in celebration of Valentine's Day that Natascha Encinosa, a model living in Miami in the United States, conquered the internet with a simple photo. It was of the young model alongside an image of the Chun-Li character from Street Fighter. Obviously, the internet being the internet, it didn't take long for fans to react and ask for a cosplay. So the young woman finally granted their wish!

Encinosa is a fitness coach as well as a photographer with some pretty incredible talent! She is also a World Beauty, Fitness and Fashion Pro according to her social media, which is no small feat! In a throwback picture it's clearly visible, the time and effort she put in to attain the physic she's certainly so proud of. Well done Natascha!

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Beginning of the decade 2010 👉🏼 End of the decade 2019 • Second slide is 2017 👉🏼 Few days ago #transformationtuesday Through all my ups and downs with my body image, I can honestly say I have never appreciated my body and my mind like I do today. So many years spent hating my body, hating my thick waist, wishing my genetics were different, for what? My body and mind have rewarded me every single time I have been good to it. Every time I’ve put my health and discipline first, I have reaped the best benefits. My body is my home, the only thing that will ever be mine and only mine FOREVER. Here’s to self-acceptance and self-love. A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside, truly. 💜 Click the link in my bio to start working towards your best self 💪🏼

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