These Video Games From The 1990s Are Worth A Fortune

The ‘90s introduced us to a plethora of amazing toys, cartoons, and of course, video games—and now your favourite video games may be worth a lot of money.

90's Video Games
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90's Video Games

Remember when Saturday morning rolled around when you were a kid? You spent it watching quirky cartoons, eating sugary cereal (which usually had a prize in the box), and playing video games on either Nintendo 64 or Sega Dreamcast.

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Ah, those were the times. Of course, they came out with several new games and graphic-crazy consoles over the years, but nothing beats Nintendo 64 or Sega Dreamcast. Right?

Consoles and games may have evolved, but that doesn’t mean the old games are worthless. If you still have games like the Nintendo 64 version of Super Smash Bros, well, you’re in luck! You could sell it for a whopping $750!

Did you ever own an NES? The original Nintendo Entertainment System? It’s super old, but it hosted the 1987 version of Final Fantasy. And it’s worth a lot of money$400 to be exact. But if it’s opened, it’s worth pretty much nothing.

What other old games are worth a lot of cash? Take a look at our video to find out what The Richesthave listed as the most valuable! Maybe you’ll be able to make money off of a game or two. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Two gamers discover €100,000 worth of video games in an abandoned house Two gamers discover €100,000 worth of video games in an abandoned house