Hideo Kojima Wants To Create The Most Terrifying Horror Video Game Of All Time

While his latest game, Death Stranding, has received some very good reviews, Hideo Kojima seems to already have a clear idea for his next project. Passionate about horror movies, he could well embark on the survival horror genre.

Scariest Game
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Scariest Game

While Metal Gear Solid is considered one of the best sagas in the history of video games, Hideo Kojima is currently proving that his talent has not disappeared, as evidenced by the recent critical success of his latest game, Death Stranding. Released on November 8th, the action-adventure game has received very good reviews from the media, as well as players, and could, therefore, receive some prizes in the coming months...

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Hideo Kojima is currently working to 'awaken his horror soul'

Given the success of his new game, one might think that the producer wants to take his time for a future project. But this is not how Kojima works... It seems that he already has a clear idea of what he wants to do. In addition to his desires when it comes to film, he already knows which genre he would like to turn to for his next game. On Twitter, he expressed his desire to create a survival horror game, but on one condition: that it be the most terrifying in the history of video games.

While he had already suggested it during an interview for the Youtube channel Rocket Beans, the producer confided (a little) more in detail in his tweet. As a true cinema enthusiast, and especially of horror films, Hideo Kojima would like to watch as many horror films as possible to 'awaken his horror soul.'

A missed first try with horror

In the rest of his tweet, Kojima quoted a movie that apparently left a lasting impression on him: The Eye, a Thai horror movie. As he reminded us, it was while working on 'Silent Hills P.T.,' thought of as a reboot of the series, that he rented this movie. In the end, the game project was abandoned and Kojima was later laid off by Konami. Today, only a playable demo remains of this project that has gained cult status, which already allowed us to glimpse Kojima's taste for horror.

Despite this painful memory, it seems that the love of horror is still present in Kojima, and we must say that we can't wait to see Metal Gear Solid's creator behind the most ambitious horror game. Especially if, as with 'Silent Hills P.T.,' he were to collaborate with director Guillermo Del Toro. We would sign up for that right away...

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