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Woman Covers 90% Of Her Skin In Tattoos To Look Like Her Dad

A young woman covers 90% of her body in tattoos, so she can look like her dad! Throughout her life, Nadine Anderson was inspired by her dad’s inked arms.

Nadine Anderson always wanted tattoos, but she had to wait until she was 18 to ink her body. After her 18th birthday, she began covering her body with ink.

Over the last five years, Nadine has spent £15,000 on tattoos! So what prompted her dream to cover her body with ink? Well, she loved her dad’s tattoos growing up!

She said, 'I was the classic daddy’s girl growing up and seeing my dad covered in that I always knew I wanted to be like him and have all that kind of stuff.'

Nadine revealed that she talked about her first tattoo with her dad, and he totally supported her:

'I discussed my first tattoo with my dad, and he supported my decision he was like, ‘as long as you’re sure you want to do it’ so I went and booked my first tattoo with my dad.'

What would your dad say if you wanted to cover your body in ink? We’re glad he’s supportive! Anyways, Nadine also discussed her dream to tattoo her body:

'I was constantly looking at Pinterest forums and stuff looking at new tattoo styles that were coming out and body modifications, deciding how I wanted to look when I was 18.'
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Now Nadine’s body is 90% tattoos! Even her face is covered with ink. Apparently, strangers aren’t afraid to direct rude comments toward Nadine, but her friends and family are supportive of her new look. Want to see some pics of Nadine? Take a look at our video!

By Kim Scott
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