Influencer gets five months in prison for posing with giant penis

What seems like harmless fun in some countries and cultures is not always seen the same way in others…

Amsterdam’s sex museum is supposed to be a fun and educative experience in which you learn about the history of sexuality and sexual intercourse while taking a few naughty pictures with giant genitals on the way. That’s exactly why it’s one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands.

Paying the price for fun

Turkish influencer, Merve Taşkin decided to have the same kind of fun when she visited Amsterdam for her birthday, but unfortunately her trip to the sex museum wasn’t taken all that well back home—especially since she posted some photos that were considered offensive by Turkish law.

During her trip, which she took in January 2020, she had uploaded two pictures which sparked outrage amongst Turkish authorities. In one of the posts she is seen hugging an enormous penis, and in the other she is behind a translucent door which makes her look like she is naked. According to LadBible, she was then arrested three months later in the Turkish city of Canakkale and her pictures have since been removed from her Instagram account.

The court then sentenced her to six months in jail and then changed the terms to a suspended five-month sentence. Meaning that she will only have to go to jail if she commits another crime in the next five years.

‘Obscene’ content in Turkey

In Turkey, citizens can be sentenced with up to three years of prison if they publish content which is deemed ‘obscene.’ Taşkin’s legal team argued that the law was infringing on her right to freedom of expression. The influencer shared in a post last week:

...we stated that, in general, my posts are within the limits of freedom of expression, that there is no precedent in the world, and that this concrete situation does not mean that our investigation authority is conducting an investigation that will set an example to the world, but that it shows how far behind the world we are in terms of freedom of expression.
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