These Filling Foods Will Help You Shred for Summer

Curb your appetite with these 5 filling foods that are also good for you! Check out the video to find out what they are!

Avocados a great source of healthy fat
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Avocados a great source of healthy fat

Sometimes, when you feel hungry, you’re not actually hungry, you just think you are. You can feel like eating because you’re bored or because you’re sad and looking for comfort in the food that you like, which often happens to be sugary foods.

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But to get rid of that desire to eat, it’s best to go for healthy foods that make you feel fuller.

How do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants cause distension in your stomach and stimulate nerve receptors that send signals to your brain telling it that you’re full.

But be careful, we’re not suggesting that you use these suppressants to replace meals. To stay healthy, don’t skip meals and use these foods to control your desires to snack, which can be useful for rebalancing your diet. You can also cook them in your meals to make sure you’re not hungry afterwards!

Foods rich in pectin are generally good at keeping you feeling fuller for longer. We all know that apples expand in your stomach and make you feel full: but there are also grapes, bananas and apricots.

Check out the video for the full list!

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