This 4-second exercise can help you build muscle mass and lose weight

What if a few seconds of exercise was the solution to building a powerful body? This scientifically validated workout is the answer!

Man working out
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Man working out

Losing weight and gaining muscle mass remains a very complicated ordeal for many. A precise dietary routine is necessary, along with accompanying this new diet with a well-defined workout according to your body type. It has been difficult to go to the gym during this health crisis, but there are still solutions to build up your muscles properly at home, thanks to specific exercises. It is important to find your own exercises with well-defined objectives to maximise results.

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A 4-second exercise backed up by science

Research published in the leading Medicine and Science of Sports and Exercise journal reports that a 4-second workout will help increase an individual's cardiovascular capacity and muscle mass. The aim is to do a maximum amount of effort during this short period, rest for 15 to 30 seconds, and then repeat the exercise. You can do this exercise during your biking sessions, on a treadmill, or during your outdoor running sessions.

The participants who trained in this way for almost two months had visible results. The study explains:

They managed to increase their muscle mass, power, cardiovascular capacity, and functional tasks.

Impressive results

This is a good way to stay fit after the age of 40, but also to lose weight over the long term by keeping your body active on a regular basis. However, you will need to give it your all during your sessions, as Dr Edward Coyle explains:

Because the exercise is so intense, your cardiovascular system is continuously stimulated during your rest periods.

The point is to go for maximum effort. In about ten minutes, you will have to do almost 18 sprints. The results were impressive: in a few weeks, the participants increased their cardiovascular capacity by 10% and their muscle power by 12%. Do this workout two to three times a week at first and then increase to four sessions.

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