This lion's snoring will put any human's to shame (video)

Animals sometimes have restless nights too! They also dream and snore, as shown in this animal sanctuary, where a lion is caught snoring very loudly.

This Lion's Snoring Will Put Any Human's To Shame (Video)
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This Lion's Snoring Will Put Any Human's To Shame (Video)

In the game of 'who can snore the loudest?', who do you think would win? A man or a lion?

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As you can see (and hear), the king of the jungle can definitely beat you at a snoring contest. When he sleeps, the sound he makes sounds less like a little breeze of exhaled air, and more like an earthquake that sometimes resembles actual roars.

Quite a noisy animal

According to The Wild Animal Sanctuary who filmed the video, the feline's name is Hercules and he sometimes dreams that he is defending his territory... We hope that his comrades manage to fall asleep before him at night, otherwise, they're bound to suffer a few nights of insomnia!

With this illustrious name, it's no surprise that the animal is so huge, which in turn makes his nightly vocalisations all the more impressive. The King is making sure to live up to his name.

A king's snore

By the way, do you know why we snore? Snoring, also called ronchopathy, can quickly ruin the sleep of the snorer's entourage... while the former usually sleeps quite peacefully. When we fall asleep, most of our muscles relax and when the tongue and throat relax, they can obstruct part of the air we breathe. As a result, tissues begin to vibrate during breathing, which causes this charming sound.

Some factors such as obesity, being overweight, a deviated septum, or alcohol and tobacco promote snoring. In the majority of cases, ronchopathy is completely without consequences for one's health. However, in 3 to 5% of cases, snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea. The louder the snoring is, the higher the risk of sleep apnea.

Check out the video above to see how the king of the jungle snores!

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