Stockport Woman Finds Snake In Oven As She Opens Door To Cook Chips

Don't you just hate it when you plan yourself a baked treat but instead find a bizarre slithery creature in your oven? That is exactly what happened to this poor lady when she was sliding her tray of chips in to bake only to discover a 3ft-long African brown snake was lurking in the depths of the oven.

As a brit, it's not a common experience to find an exotic animal lurking around your family home. Unfortunately for this pensioner, it's a very different story - quite the opposite, in fact.

The 82-year-old from Stockport, Manchester was about to cook some chips in the oven which, to everyone's luck, was not preheated. However, As she pulled back the door, she was surprised with a snake slithering about instead. Even her husband confirmed that it wasn't a trick of the eye and the snake was, in fact, real.

"Oh my god!" she shrieked as the unlikely creature was fished out of the oven by the RSPCA before the bewildered eldery couple. It is possible that the serpent was an escaped or an abandoned pet and, reassuringly, is not venomous.

As these types of snakes are naturally used to warm climates, it is no wonder the lost reptile was most likely attracted by the heat produced from the oven.

Following on from the absurd incident, relieved and grateful, the woman gave RSPCA "a big hug and a cup of tea" after he removed the snake from her home, ensuring the safety of both the snake and the elderly couple.

The snake, now called Sammy, is now kept in care by a reptile specialist. Maybe next time we want to keep a closer eye on our kitchen appliances!

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